WITT Energy Limited

Witt Energy Limited has developed a technology called the WITT which converts motional energy into electricity. The WITT is the first device of it’s kind, using 360 degrees of chaotic human, animal, vehicle and water motion and turning it into usable electricity.

It is expected to make real changes to individuals and industry as an alternative, renewable power source – one technology with multiple applications harvesting natural occurring kinetic energy from land, sea and air scenarios.

Energyshare supported and developed Witt Energy’s investment strategy and Crowdcube proposal to raise the minimum investment of £750,000 to bring the technology readiness level and manufacturing readiness level of the WITT to the point where we can commence manufacture of their first application, the 200 Watt Marine WITT for vessels, buoys and floating platforms, and autonomous power applications.

The technology will then be developed for a number of applications, ranging from large grid scale power sources through to use in consumer, military and developing worlds.

Following a 36 day fundraising campaign, supported by Energyshare, Witt Energy successfully raised £1.9m immediately safeguarding and create a total of 5 jobs.

With manufacture and development taking place in Cornwall and the wider Southwest an additional 17 jobs will be directly created within Witt Limited over the next 2 years.


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