Transition Constantine

Instead of the traditional approach, this small wind project started out somewhat back-to-front; acquiring two Proven/Kingspan 6kW turbines and their ancillary inverters, controllers and dump loads, plus a 20ft ISO container, before finding a site.


The main barriers to a wind project in the parish is the presence of the precision approach radar at RNAS Culdrose, the presence of a nearby heritage site, and the lack of suitable grid connections.

However, the chosen site is very suitable for a community owned installation, due to other community related, environmental and cultural activities that already take place there.

Transition Constantine have successfully negotiated an informal offer of a connection with Western Power Distribution, provided that the transformer is upgraded, and are now in preliminary discussion with Cornwall County Planning regarding the submission of a planning pre-application.

To safeguard against the FiT tariffs reductions, Transition Constantine pre-registered their project with OFGEM, prior to submitting a full FiT registration application.

The group has also had discussions with a local, MCS registered wind turbine installer to ensure that they can assist with the re-installation and formal MCS commissioning of the turbines and associated inverters.

With the remainder of their funding from Energyfund Cornwall, the group will complete the necessary planning surveys, consultations and submissions, before funding grid connection application and execution.

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