South Hill Association for Renewable Energy (SHARE)

Outlining their aims of establishing an energy information and support network, raising money from renewable energy projects to reinvest into reducing energy usage and investigating solar PV and wind installations for the parish – SHARE applied to EnergyFund Cornwall for the funding required to start their journey.

Having discussed viable technologies, conducted a household energy usage survey in the parish and visited other local projects SHARE hit the ground running, registering their legal structure, opening bank accounts, commissioning Energy Performance Certificates and pre-registering potential sites with OFGEM, to benefit from higher FiT payments.

The group also benefited from a study by the BRE National Solar Centre, identifying multiple sites in the parish for roof mounted solar PV installations. A feasibility study into potential renewable energy projects was also been commissioned from Community Energy Plus, which will enable further funding from a loan or local share issue.

SHARE have now completed their first installation of solar PV on the roof of South Hill Parish Hall, formed a working management committee and recruited over 50 members who live, work or own land in parish.

funding unlocked

extra funding

generation installed

Over 20 years CO2 emissions saved

Over 20 years income

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