Roche Victory Hall & Social Club

Roche Victory Hall plays a major part in the local community, providing a venue for family occasions and celebrations and supporting a number of community groups, clubs, societies and sports teams.

With so many users to support, it became obvious to the trustees that cost saving measures needed to be found, to safeguard the hall for future generations, and the proposal of a ground source heating installation seemed a viable option.

In addition to offering a cost effective heating method to keep the building warm and free of damp, and provide sufficient hot water, on further investigation the trustees found the ground source heating system could also generate additional income through RHI payments, potentially lowering running costs even further.

The management team knew that garnering support from the hall’s partners and the local community would be key to the success of their application for funding, and the overall project.

To encourage engagement and turn it into a joint project, the team held a number of meetings with individual groups, plus regular open evenings in the hall to ensure all parties were updated on progress throughout the project.

After seeking advice and assistance from local contractors regarding the site, the proposed system and how it could work with the existing oil-powered system and control panels, Roche Victory Hall submitted their application and successfully won their share of the Energyshare Cornwall funding in November 2014.

Despite initial setbacks with miscalculations of the building’s dimensions causing costs to be altered, the management team finalised plans for fitting 15kW and 21kW single compressor and ground source heat pumps, and commissioned the installation to commence in May 2015, with completion in July 2015.

Now that installation has been completed and the system is fully operational, the team are receiving RHI payments, which generates additional income and secured the future of Roche Victory Hall.

funding unlocked

generation installed

over 20 years income

tonnes of emissions saved over 20 years

over 20 years income

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