Menheniot Sports Association

Rising energy costs and securing the on-going sustainability of the Menheniot Sports Club was one of the key reasons for the Association to enter the Energyfund Cornwall competition.

Menheniot Sports Association was established to provide sporting and recreational facilities for the small farming villlage and surrounding area.

The sports complex is home to the local cricket, tennis and football club, as well as providing facilities for a range of other sports and community activities.

By installing 8kW of solar PV on the Pavillion, the Association have reduced operational cost, future-proofed themselves from increasing electricity prices and secured a new revenue stream from Feed in Tariff (FiT) payments.

The system is estimated to generate 8,200kWh per year, providing an annual financial benefit of over £1,600. The extra revenue will enable Menheniot Sports Club to provide extra sports coachin to local children, purchase new equipment and enhance the facilities available to communities and visiting teams.

funding unlocked

generation installed

extra funding

over 20 years CO2 emissions saved

0ver 20 years income

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