Cold Homes Week

In February 2014, for one week, the UK saw various actions to stop people dying of the cold, helping to create immense change; change that was aimed at preventing the 31,000 excess winter deaths per year.

The week featured a number of events, including selfies with scarves, where members of the public were encouraged to take a photograph of themselves wearing scarves to highlight the week-long campaign.

The Big Tweet was another initiative, organized as a mass tweet, encouraging all supporters to sign-up and send a tweet, at exactly the same time.

Cold weather themed events supported by energyshare included statues wearing scarves, large-scale emails to MP’s about the campaign and even an initiative to knit scarves to send to local MP’s, encouraging them to take action on fuel poverty.

The aim of the project was to bring the public together and use the power of social media to take action on problems affecting the UK. The campaign was a great success engaging over 2.5 million people and over 10000 visits to the Cold Homes Week Website which led to over 5000 people sending emails to their MPs and 248 MPs signing up to support the campaign.

MPs signed up to support the campaign

people reached

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