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What is energyshare?

energyshare specialise in pioneering new fundraising models and helping attract investment for individuals and organisations in the low carbon sector through crowdfunding. We operate across the UK with a focus on delivering and showcasing the different funding mechanisms available for renewables and energy initiatives in a post subsidy era.
To help us achieve our vision we have developed a suite of tools and services to help engage people on the subject of energy, including:

  • Delivering new fundraising models for community renewable energy projects
  • Finding ways to help community energy groups and developers engage local people
  • Supporting digital marketing and communications campaigns
  • Creating groundbreaking digital engagement solutions and tools
  • Connecting individuals, groups, government, and business through crowdfunding
  • Supporting people to save energy and generate their own
  • Developing projects to meet market opportunities
  • Providing professional services for customers
We offer organisations – large and small – a suite of digitally-led services bespoke to their needs, often delivered in ground-breaking ways. We have worked with a variety of organisations from across the UK including:

  • Community energy groups
  • M&S Energy
  • DECC
  • Good Energy
  • Cornwall Council & other local authorities
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships
  • Witt Energy Ltd
  • Renewable installers and developers

Each campaign and project informs the next and we believe our team has built unrivalled knowledge of how clients can engage their customers in energy initiatives through digital channels.

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community energy groups


unlocked for low carbon activities


tonnes of CO2e savings


community owned generation installed

Find funding for projects

energyshare want to lead an energy revolution and we understand that a great idea is nothing without the money to get it moving! We believe working with Crowdfunder provides us with the missing link that enables sustainability, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to connect with people and businesses to raise the vital funding they require to enable their low carbon dreams to become a reality.


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“I’ve been banging the drum for collective switching for some time now. Cornwall Together and UK Together is an idea that’s really taking off, with schemes up and down the country, and I want it to become a permanent feature of the UK energy market.”

Ed Davey MP

Former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

“Wind power is an exciting and constantly evolving technology with amazing potential and we need to be open-minded and creative when looking at the best ways to produce and use it. The idea of seeing it as an additional ‘crop’ for farmers is an intelligent and timely one.”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Founder at River Cottage

“Community renewable energy is a strategic priority for DECC and the Government and so it’s inspiring to see the pioneering work you have all achieved so far in Cornwall. Very best of luck tonight. I hope to see some projects next time I am in Cornwall.”

Amber Rudd MP

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change